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Since the 1956, the Behring family has been developing and investing in luxury real estate across the world. The family legacy includes the development, construction or management of over 16 master planned residential golf course communities, active adult senior living, commercial shopping malls and even an entire city charter. Colin Behring, the third generation of Behring developers, has continued the family tradition with developments in China and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Who is Behring?

Behring’s mission is to stand out as a premier development and investment company that utilizes the entrepreneurial spirit, unwavering persistence and iron clad ethics to remain a positive force in the global development community.
The triple bottom line is a philosophy where Behring will direct it’s efforts toward projects that offer returns on a triple bottom line: Profit. People. Planet.
PROFIT. Behring seeks strong returns on its investments to accrue financial resources in which they can continue to contribute to the betterment of the community and reward the investors who placed their faith in the company.
PEOPLE. Behring projects benefit people in so many ways. Construction and real estate has been the backbone behind job creation in the United States since World War II. Our projects create jobs, give people homes and better the lives of people along the way.
PLANET. Behring is committed to building homes that we all can be proud of. Our current residential focus is on high density, transit oriented development that is luxurious but environmentally conscious at the same time. It results in projects that have reduced impacts on traffic, air quality, and other resources.
Behring’s core target market is Northern California and specifically the San Francisco Bay Area. The family has been here in San Francisco since the 1970’s and continues to focus there today. As a major economic gateway to the entire world, opportunities in Northern California continue to appear because of its strong demographics, continued economic expansion and simply amazing opportunities to build beautiful homes.
The Behring legacy started with Kenneth E. Behring and he experienced tremendous success for over 50 years in the development and construction industry. After achieving more than he ever wished to achieve in real estate, business and investing, he has turned his focus toward charity and has decided to devote his time and resources to developing the many philanthropic projects the family is currently engaged in including the Global Health & Education Foundation, Wheelchair Foundation, China Natural History Museums and more.
The Behring Companies are for-profit companies involved in real estate development, investment, EB-5 immigration investment and consulting. Behring Companies are owned and ran by Colin Behring, a member of the Behring’s third generation and the Managing Director of the Behring Group until 2012.

Our Core Competancies

Development 90
Real Estate Finance 95
EB-5 Investment 85
Consulting 85

See Our Companies

Behring Capital
Behring CapitalDeveloper
Development company focused on residential real estate investment in the San Francisco Bay Area
Berkeley Regional Center
Berkeley Regional CenterEB-5 Investments
The BRC is a USCIS approved EB-5 Regional Center located in the San Francisco Bay Area
Bei Hao Investment Management
Bei Hao Investment ManagementChina Private Equity
Established in the Shanghai FTZ, Bei Hao is a door to door investment vehicle that simplifies China Outbound Investment significantly.

Introducing the Behring Companies Executive Team

Colin Behring
Colin BehringCEO
Colin Behring is the CEO of the Behring Companies. Behring has worked in development and investment in the United States and China since 2006.

Colin Behring is the Founder and CEO of the Behring Companies. Mr. Behring is a third generation San Francisco Bay Area property developer and investor. Mr. Behring previously served as the Managing Director of the Behring families property development company Behring Group, Ltd. The Behring Group was led by his grandfather Kenneth E. Behring, a former 4-time Forbes enlister, world renowned investor and philanthropist. Since 1956, the Behring family has developed over 5,000 residential units, 16 golf course communities and sold over 2 billion dollars of valuable property.
While at the Behring Group, Mr. Behring was an instrumental contributor to the entitlement, design coordination, as well as onsite construction management for the company’s flagship project, the Sanctuary at Dongtan located on Chongming Island of Shanghai. The Sanctuary at Dongtan is a 330 acre (2000 亩) mixed use master planned golf course community complete with residential, hotel, commercial retail and resort styled amenities with a total estimated project cost in excess of $1.2 Billion.
Mr. Behring was the key initiator of multiple China based investment initiatives at the Behring Group including the development of “Behring Wellness Communities”, a senior living development program based on the Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) concept in the United States. As one of the first American developers to actively pursue the development of senior living communities in China, Behring became a respected industry knowledge source and was invited to serve on various panels representing developers and investors at the Retirement Communities World Asia 2013 and various International Association of Homes & Services for the Aging (IAHSA) events.
The Behring family continues to give back to people all over the world through Kenneth E. Behring’s Global Health and Education Foundation and its many programs including the Wheelchair Foundation, Water Leaders, Operation Global Vision, U.S. National History Day Contest (in partnership with the Smithsonian and the History Channel), U.C. Berkeley Principal Training Program, China Natural History Day Contest and various other leadership development programs worldwide.
Behring has been developing his expertise in international property development and finance since 2006 where he got his professional start with Morgan Stanley Properties, Shanghai as an analyst intern in Shanghai. Mr. Behring graduated from California State Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo with a degree in Business Administration concentrating in Finance. Mr. Behring is proficient in English, Mandarin Chinese and has obtained working proficiency in Portuguese (Brazilian).

Elizabeth Premazzi
Elizabeth PremazziDirector of Design & Construction
Elizabeth Premazzi is the Director of Design & Construction for the Behring Companies.

Elizabeth Premazzi is the head of Architecture Design and Construction for the Behring Companies and has been apart of the team since 2012. Prior to her time at the Behring Companies, Ms. Premazzi was the Founder and Managing Director of Elizabeth Premazzi Design & Architecture Consultancy Shanghai Ltd. Ms. Premazzi built her company into one of the premier international design firms in China where she designed and oversaw construction of high end luxury show flats for some of China’s most prestigious residential projects.
Premazzi was highly sought after in the development community for her chic international design talents while maintaining a strong local operations team. Over 8 years of success, Premazzi designed over 15,000,000 square feet of residential property throughout 210 different projects and managed over 25 full time architects and employees. Most notably, Premazzi designed the show flats for Casa Lakeville, the iconic residential project located at Shanghai’s Xin Tian Di restaurant and entertainment district.
Clients included Vanke, Shui’an, Shimao, Tishman Speyer, Hines, Beijing Hua Mao, Fuson Real Estate and more. Along with architectural design, her firm custom designed and manufactured home decor items to accent her designs and eventually the collection became her personal home decor line, Premazzi Couture.
Premazzi is actively involved in the community participating and/or contributing to numerous philanthropic projects including the Fuzhou Orphanage Foundation and the Rotary Club Shanghai and the Global Health & Education Foundation.
Premazzi, a Brazilian native, also manages the Behring Capital Markets group for South America. Premazzi graduated from University Balas Artes De Sao Paulo with a Masters degree in Architecture and Urbanism. Ms. Premazzi also completed postgraduate studies at AARHUS Architecture School in Denmark with a focus in Urban Planning. Ms. Premazzi is fluent in English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and is business proficient in Mandarin Chinese.

Neal Sun
Neal SunDirector of Operations (China)
Neal Sun is the Director of Operations in China and is based in Shanghai.

Neal Sun is the General Manager of the Greater China region. Mr. Sun is based out of Shanghai and has extensive experience in international finance and economics exemplified by his establishment of Behring Capital Asset Management in Shanghai’s Pilot Economic Free Trade Zone. Sun previously served as the General Manager and Financial Controller of multiple international organizations including Elizabeth Premazzi Design & Architecture Company Limited which during his tenure was the involved in construction management, design & architecture and international trade.

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