Over $100,000,000 In EB-5 Projects in Progress

Simple Investments.      Simple Job Creation.      Simple Immigration.

#1 EB-5 Project & Consultant Team with over $400,000,000 In Direct Experience

The EB-5 team brings together the most experienced EB-5 professionals who know exactly how to design, deliver and execute a low risk EB-5 investment for USCIS. Our documents are designed based on a combined  experience of 45 years, 2,000 I-526 petitions, 450 different projects, 120 Regional Center Applications, and over 250 sets of securities documents and in experience. The projects team has direct experience in raising over $400,000,000 in EB-5 capital as well.

Berkeley Regional Center

USCIS Approved Regional Center with 2 Project I-924 approvals, I-526’s successfully filed and $100 Million in EB-5 projects in Progress.

Wright Johnson Ltd.

Top EB-5 economist completing over 450 economic reports, 350 Business Plans and raising over $400,000,000 through their own Regional Centers.

David Hirson & Partners L.L.P.

Top immigration attorneys whom have assisted over 1,000 families invest in EB-5. David Hirson personally filed one of the first ever I-526 petitions in 1991.

Homeier & Law P.C.

Industry leading EB-5 securities law firm that has counselled over 50 regional centers on over 250 EB-5 related matters in the firms 6 year history working in EB-5.

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The Berkeley Regional Center has a very simple strategy. Watch our video to learn more!

Why We Are the Best Choice for EB-5 Investment

Our investments are structured like a loan. Investors are given a fixed return and a fixed exit strategy. This way investors know what they are getting upfront and can concentrate on setting up their new life in the United States.
Investor funds are held in escrow 100% until the project receives its I-526 approval. Investors do not have to worry about their funds going into a project that might not be able to deliver immigration benefits.
Berkeley Regional Center projects are guaranteed to be fully funded and start construction on time. We simply utilize bridge financing to start the project regardless of the progress of raising EB-5 capital or if USCIS is slow to give approvals. The project will start construction, start creating jobs and proceed as planned.

Investors don’t have to worry that the project won’t find enough investors and their funds may be stuck in escrow or the project stalls because the developer doesn’t have enough capital. The project is essentially creating jobs before the investors funds are ever at risk.

The Berkeley Regional Center invest in projects where 100% of the job creation can be met through construction jobs alone. With construction, we structure all of our projects with construction completion guarantees which effectively guarantees all the job creation will have been created. There is no market risk to construction jobs because we control the process 100%. Operating jobs, or jobs based on successful business operations are at risk of being created slower or potentially never being created at all.

We utilize the indirect “expenditure” method for job creation (RIMS-II model) because it is a simple, transparent and reliable form of job creation that USCIS has approved hundreds of times before. It is further comforting that most residential projects are very simple in construction and smaller in size so any issues that do arise are easy to solve.

Construction completion guarantees are required on all our construction projects. This continues our string of guarantees making sure that when EB-5 investor funds are released from escrow, they are invested in a project that is guaranteed to deliver a cash flowing asset. The construction completion guarantee also works twice for investors as it also guarantees all the job creation will be met as well. The construction completion guarantee is extremely useful within the BRC EB-5 investment strategy.
Our loan investments are secured by a Corporate Repayment Guaranty from the developer. Most Eb-5 projects that are loan investments are “non-recourse” or simply secured by the invested project itself. The Berkeley Regional Center provides extreme protection for EB-5 investors by requiring the develop to provide the repayment guaranty at the “Corporate” level, not the “project” level. This means that the investors are secured by ALL of the developers assets including cash, land and finished assets.

Simple, Low Risk Investment Process.

Berkeley Regional Center investments have major protections from when you first place your funds into escrow, all the way until your investment is returned at the end of the project.

berkeley regional center investment process

Over 10 major Contractual Protections 

Loan Style EB-5 Structure

Loan Style EB-5 Structure

A loan style EB-5 investment is simpler in every way:  Fixed Returns, Fixed Strategy and Fixed Exit. There is no need to wonder about participating in the daily operations of the developer.

EB-5 Escrow Account

EB-5 Escrow Account

BRC makes sure EB-5 investors don’t have to worry about their funds being used before the project starts.BRC holds all EB-5 funds in escrow until the project is fully approved, fully capitalized, and fully ready to go uninterrupted until completion.

I-526 Approval or Money Back

I-526 Approval or Money Back

If an investor is rejected for any reason, the project will return the investment and the administration fee within 90 days. Our EB-5 team of experts together have been involved on over 500 EB-5 projects and have deep insight into what USCIS wants to see.

EB-5 Job Creation Guarantee

EB-5 Job Creation Guarantee

The projects EB-5 job creation requirement is met 100% through construction which is guaranteed to be completed. Our low risk EB-5 project types, experienced developers and mature market makes construction a low risk factor in the overall EB-5 investment

GMAX Construction Contracts

GMAX Construction Contracts

All BRC construction projects have GMAX (Guaranteed Maximum Price Style Contracts) that limit the cost. Any cost overages are covered by the developers not the EB-5 investors. Senior Lenders will also enforce the GMAX for the EB-5 investors.

Construction Completion Guarantees

Construction Completion Guarantees

All BRC EB-5 construction projects have Construction Completion Guarantee conditions written into the contracts.  Any senior lenders will require this as well, creating mutual interest from all financing parties involved. See the details…

3rd Party Jobs Verification

3rd Party Jobs Verification

BRC projects utilize third party reports to justify any and all EB-5 job creation related data. The data is organized cleanly so USCIS can view a project with a very clear strategy that the EB-5 related data is verified by knowledgably third party professionals

3rd Party Market Studies

3rd Party Market Studies

BRC will obtain multiple feasibility studies from multiple professionals to verify the projects market feasibility. Global companies such as CBRE, Cushman Wakefield and Cassidy Turley are just some examples of companies who perform these studies.

Bank Cash Management System

Bank Cash Management System

BRC structures it’s EB-5 investments just like a bank loan, so the cash is managed just the same. The EB-5 projects senior lender will send inspectors to the project to supervise every EB-5 cash disbursement.  Are other projects mismanaging funds?

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For EB-5 Investors, Why Invest With the BRC?

We Work For You…

We guarantee that your initial green card petition is approved or you get your money back. This means we only choose projects where the EB-5 investor wins. There is no conflict of interest between the investors and the Berkeley Regional Center. The Berkeley Regional

Center earns a profit when the EB-5 investor succeeds, not the developer. SEE HOW…

Easy Projects, Easy Immigration…

To provide your green card, USCIS needs solid proof of the 10 jobs you created. We invest your EB-5 money in residential projects located in California because they are the easiest to prove. We only choose “Grade A” locations too. Our EB-5 projects meet 100% of the EB-5 job creation requirement through construction which is guaranteed by the developer.

Simple Investments, Reliable Exit…

Our EB-5 investments are made in the form of a loan. Our EB-5 investors let the project borrow money to build houses and the developer guarantees to pay it back. To protect you and your investment, we requiremajor contractual protections and guarantees in all the contracts.

Small Projects, Big Guarantees…

BRC projects require a Corporate Guaranty to repay investors. Investors benefit more by investing in a small project by a big developer who provides the guarantee.  For example, a project might need a $15 million EB-5 loan but the Corporate Guaranty might come from a $1 Billion company. For our investors this means lower risk, more security…

Small Projects, Big Guarantees…

BRC projects require a Corporate Guaranty to repay investors. Investors benefit more by investing in a small project by a big developer who provides the guarantee.  For example, a project might need a $15 million EB-5 loan but the Corporate Guaranty might come from a $1 Billion company. For our investors this means lower risk, more security…

Less stress… More Control…

When trying to immigrate to a new country, you have a lot of things to worry about. Choosing an EB-5 project does not have to be one of them. Our BRC Investment Package gives you Access to over 40 different documents that show why each project deserves your investment. In the end, you decide.

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98% of the market uses the BRC Jobs strategy and USCIS Loves it too…

“Wright Johnson performed over 200 economic reports last year and 98% of projects utilize some form of construction within their job creation strategy because it’s simple…it’s reliable, and it’s easy to record. Meaning it’s easier for the USCIS to approve your permanent green card.

building construction

The BRC Knows How to Reduce EB-5 Risk. What About The Other Projects?

How safe is your job creation strategy?

Restructuring a failing business 15%
Direct hiring of new employees 30%
Direct & indirect jobs 50%
100% indirect jobs, spending & revenue based 60%
100% indirect jobs based on spending only – 80%
100% Indirect construction spending with a completion guarantee – 95%

How safe is your financial investment?

Direct investment that restructures a failing business – 15%
Direct Investment that is self managed – 25%
Regional Center Equity Model – 40%
Regional Center Loan Model – 65%
Regional Center Loan Model in Residential – 80%
Regional Center Loan Model in Residential with Corporate Guarantee – 95%

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