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Madison Park Financial EB-5 Project Update April 10, 2017

GALLOT LOFTS 47 Apartment units currently under construction at 3014 Chapman St. Oakland, CA. Already Created Construction Complete Until Opening Yes! Madison Park is still open to New EB-5 investors. OTHER UPDATES USCIS PROCESSING TIMES & FILING STATISTICS I would suggest [...]

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What happens if there is an I-526 denial?

A lot of investors always ask "what happens if something goes wrong" or "what happens if I get denied".  Typically, the answer is that the Berkeley Regional Center has return provisions in our offering documents but I did find this article which may be interesting to those asking the same question. The source is from [...]

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EB-5 Project Requirements | Can EB-5 Projects Be Guaranteed?

EB-5 Project Requirements | Can EB-5 Projects be Guaranteed? EB-5 project requirements and EB-5 project guarantees are topics that I see the internet completely abuse time and time again. Every EB-5 investor wants to see their EB-5 project have guarantees. In exchange for cheap capital, they want low risk. MANY groups in the EB-5 world will immediately say [...]

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