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Madison Park Financial EB-5 Project Update April 10, 2017

GALLOT LOFTS 47 Apartment units currently under construction at 3014 Chapman St. Oakland, CA. Already Created Construction Complete Until Opening Yes! Madison Park is still open to New EB-5 investors. OTHER UPDATES USCIS PROCESSING TIMES & FILING STATISTICS I would suggest [...]

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What happens if there is an I-526 denial?

A lot of investors always ask "what happens if something goes wrong" or "what happens if I get denied".  Typically, the answer is that the Berkeley Regional Center has return provisions in our offering documents but I did find this article which may be interesting to those asking the same question. The source is from [...]

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EB-5 Investment Returns: Why so cheap?

Why does EB-5 investment offer such low returns to investors? EB-5 investment returns are dismal. Why is that? It's a common question asked to EB-5 regional centers by anyone trying to understand the EB-5 market. There are a few major reasons that stick out. I will refer to EB-5 projects that structure EB-5 investment as [...]

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USCIS Processing Times for EB-5 reaches 16.2 Months

USCIS Processing Times: EB-5 USCIS processing times for the EB-5 immigration program are getting longer as the website shows 16.2 months to get through an I-526 petition. EB-5 regional centers use the USCIS website as a guideline. EB-5 petitioners should expect long waits to have received review from USCIS adjudicators. The USCIS EB-5 processing times [...]

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EB-5 Hotel Projects: What to Know

EB-5 Hotel Investments: Opportunities & Risk In the EB-5 industry, there are many opportunities to invest in hotels. Hotels employ many people and are a great investment for developers if done successfully. If not done correctly, hotels can be a nightmare constantly losing money and eventually forcing the developer to lose all its capital. For [...]

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EB-5 Project Risk: Will my EB-5 project get denied by USCIS?

The Berkeley Regional Center has received the same email question about EB-5 projects many times before: What is the chance that my EB-5 project will get denied? How to I avoid EB-5 project risk? Unfortunately, as with many things in EB-5 investment, the real answer is that "it depends". My answer to you is that "Projects [...]

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Does my EB-5 source of funds qualify for your San Francisco EB-5 investment?

Questions about EB-5 Source of Funds Reporting! At the Berkeley Regional Center we love helping our EB-5 investors with all of their needs. One of the questions we get asked over and over again is if the EB-5 investor's source of funds will qualify for your San Francisco EB-5 Investment? Firstly, all EB-5 investment requirements [...]

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