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美国EB-5投资移民签证2016财年第四季度 申请数 + 获批率双高峰

#最后四个月50万移民美国的机会# 美国EB-5移民签证2016财年第四季度 申请数 + 获批率双高峰 第四季度,申请数大幅上升,看来即便排期漫长,也挡不住国人的热情。2016年全年递交量几乎和2015年持平。 I-526获批率,回归90%以上 I-829获批率,高达100%,全年才拒了86个申请。

USCIS Processing Times for EB-5 reaches 16.2 Months

USCIS Processing Times: EB-5 USCIS processing times for the EB-5 immigration program are getting longer as the website shows 16.2 months to get through an I-526 petition. EB-5 regional centers use the USCIS website as a guideline. EB-5 petitioners should expect long waits to have received review from USCIS adjudicators. The USCIS EB-5 processing times