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Behring Companies: Getting Started

EB-5 is a complex program. To help you get started learning about the EB-5 program, we have created several resources to streamline your introduction to EB-5. Click the links below to view our EB-5 Seminar Video, visit our EB-5 Resource Center, and browse our EB-5 FAQ & Video Library.

EB-5 Seminar

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Watch Behring Companies’ EB-5  Seminar Co-Hosted By Fragomen Worldwide Immigration Attorney Cindy Jen.


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EB-5 Resource Center

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Go to Behring Companies’ EB-5 Resource Center to Download Valuable EB-5 Educational Materials and Project Information.


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EB-5 FAQ & Video Library

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We’ve create a vast library of text and video resources to help you along your EB-5 journey. Visit Behring Companies FAQ & Video Library To Learn More.



EB-5 Projects

Simple Strategy: Create Jobs, Protect Your Investment. Our Projects are designed specifically for EB-5 Investment.

1900 Broadway EB-5 Project: 451 Unit “Class A” Residential Tower directly on top of 19th Street BART Station across from Uptown Station, a renovated office project by Uber and purchased by CIM.

Total EB-5 Investment$80,000,000
Min. Investment$500,000
Interest RateCALL NOW
Term5 Years
I-526 StatusFiled & Pending
Security/GuaranteesCALL NOW
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The Graudate EB-5 Project: “Class A,” 260-unit /1039-bed purpose-built student housing community located just one block from the entrance to San Jose State University.

Total EB-5 Investment$27,500,000
Min. Investment$500,000
Interest RateCall for Details
Term5 Years
I-526 StatusFiled & Pending
Security/GuaranteesCall for Details
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The Madison Park EB-5 Project is developing 3 high-quality apartment buildings with a total 212 units located near BART in Oakland and Emeryville, California

EB-5 Fund Size$17,500,000
Min. Investment$500,000
Interest Rate0.25% Annually
Term5 Years
I-526 StatusApproved
Security/GuaranteesCorporate Guaranty
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270 Class A apartment units with club style amenities located near Light rail station, Consumnes River College and Kaiser Permanente Hospitals, Sutter Health and more.

EB-5 Fund Size$7,000,000
Min. Investment$500,000
Interest Rate0.5%
Term5 Years
I-526 StatusApproved
Security/GuaranteesCorporate Guaranty
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The Parkview Towers Project is a 220 unit mixed-use development in San Jose and has received I-526 exemplar approval.

EB-5 Fund Size$35,500,000
Minimum Investment$500,000
Interest Rate0.25%
Term5 Years
I-526 ExemplarApproved
Security & GuaranteesCompletion Guarantee
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500 Class A Residential units located directly along the VTA lightrrail in San Jose, the capital of Silicon Valley, California.

EB-5 Fund Size$70,000,000
Minimum Investment$1,000,000
Interest Rate1%
Term5 Years
I-924 StatusApproved
Security & GuaranteesContact Us for Details
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Berkeley Regional Center EB-5 Security & Protection Strategies

EB-5 visa I-526 money back guarantee for EB-5 investors in Behring EB-5 projects

I-526 Money Back Guarantee

Your I-526 petition will be approved or you are refunded 100% of your capital investment and fees1

EB-5 project construction start guarantee

Fully Committed

Investments are moving forward, already under construction or have arrangements to ensure construction will begin

EB-5 Project indirect job creation guarantee

Job Creation (Indirect) Guaranteed

Construction & indirect job creation (RIMS-II) alone meet 100% of the job creation 2

EB-5 project construction completion guarantee

Construction Completion Guarantee

We require construction completion guarantees on all projects to ensure proper delivery of the project

EB-5 visa investment repayment guaranteee

Corporate Repayment Guaranty

BRC loan style investments require repayment guaranty’s, promissory notes or other sufficient security for EB-5 partnerships3

How EB-5 Investment Works



Invest $500k in the U.S. 4


10 Jobs

Create 10 jobs in 2 years through your investment


Green Card

Obtain U.S. permanent resident status or a “green card”5

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Every EB-5 Case is Different…

EB-5 has a lot of details including costs, schedules, potential conflicts with an existing visa or personal history and more

Cost & Fees

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EB-5 fees can range from $30,000 to $80,000 and is different for everyone


Eb-5 visa consultation

I-526 approval for a conditional greencard can take anywhere from 15-24 months

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  1. Exact terms are contained within the Offering Documents. Inquire for details.
  2. See Completion Guarantee for support
  3. Investors EB-5 investment maintains a certain element of risk and are compliant with USCIS EB-5 investment requirements, please inquire for details
  4. Additional fees may apply
  5. Illustrated descriptions for EB-5 are for introductory purposes only, please obtain advice from a licensed professional and refer to specific Offering Documents and USCIS policy for detailed regulatory descriptions and requirements.