The costs associated with the EB-5 investment process can be broken down into three distinct phases based on the costs associated with each petition filing: I-526 (Phase I), I-485 (Phase II), and I-829 (Phase III).

I-526 (Phase I)

EB-5 Capital Investment$500,000
Administrative Fee$50,000
Attorney Fee (Phase-I)$11,000
Source of Funds Report$8,000
USCIS Processing Fee$3,750
Bank Wire Fee$90
Total Cash Needed$574,340

I-485 (Phase II)

Attorney Fee (Phase II)$1,500
USCIS Consular Processing$405
USCIS Filing Fee – Age 14+$1,140
USCIS Filing Fee – Under 14$750
USCIS Biometric Fee$85
Bank Wire Fee$45
Total Cash Needed~$3,175

I-829 (Phase III)

Attorney Fee$2,500
USCIS Fee$3,750
Biometric Fee$85
Bank Wire Fee$90
Total Cash Needed~$6,425

$500,000 Investment, Estimated $83,940 Fees and 58-60* months in total processing time